Our core focus at ND & Associates is providing clients with an integrated Headhunting service that provides an immediate and high ROI to our clients. This entails going beyond the means of traditional Recruitment, by directly yet discreetly tapping into the market's invisible and non-job-seeking talent pool to fill your leadership requirements. With uncompromised reach and unlimited access to top talent, we constantly strive towards an exceptionally speedy service delivery, as we fully understand the costs associated with stagnant gaps in organizational leadership.

Our team of Headhunters uniquely comprises of Recruitment experts as well as Industry Specialists, all of whom boast decades of experience that span multiple practice groups, and who are fully backed by our in-house Support, Administration and Research functions.

Our expertise spreads across the C-Suite, Board Level and Mid to Senior Level Management roles across the full remit of the Financial, Technology, Industrial and Consumer practices throughout the Middle East.

Our Headhunting process consists of an exhaustive, well-tested and proven 10 step methodology as follows:

Our Headhunting process consists of an exhaustive, well-tested and proven 10 step methodology as follows:

  • 1

    Contractual Agreement

    Before any engagement, a Contractual Agreement will take place between both parties, stipulating the applicable conditions whenever a client decides to hire any candidates presented by ND & Associates.

  • 2

    Mandate Briefing

    Over an initial meeting we will conduct the necessary meetings in order to gain a full understanding of the client’s human capital requirements, organizational structure, operational procedures and corporate culture, and accordingly propose possible search strategies to adopt in order to find the ideal candidates.


    We will do the necessary to gain a comprehensive understanding of the People within our client’s organization; particularly the team members with whom the successful incumbent will be working.

  • 3

    Competency Framework Definition

    This stage will involve drafting a full job specification that incorporates the organization summary, responsibilities of the role and behavioral attributes of the successful incumbent. Client Job Descriptions, on most occasions, will serve as merely a basis for the Job Specification, which will be reviewed by the client's stakeholders, then adjusted and finalized according to the client's feedback.


    In the case where no JD is available, we will draft one on behalf of our clients.

  • 4

    Search Strategy Formulation

    After drafting a full job specification that reflects the client’s requirement, our Associates, SME’s and Researchers will formulate a suitable search strategy that incorporates our understanding of their organization, culture and requirements, as well an in-depth view on our search strategies and companies we will target.


    Furthermore, we will familiarize the client with the team members who will be active on the search. All of this will be shared with the client in the form of a report before initiating the search.  

  • 5

    Candidate Pooling

    After briefing our Research division on our client'srequirement/s and agreeing on our target markets, our Researchers will conducta fully-fledged and in-depth Market Research in order to identify our client's key competitors, vital leads and relevant candidates.In addition to our global network, we will also include any candidates identified by our clients.

  • 6


    All potential candidates generated will be approached, interviewed and evaluated in accordance with the Job Specification, to draw up a shortlisted for the Client's consideration. Full candidate reports are prepared and presented to the client, which will include the Candidates' backgrounds and track records, as well as an evaluative description of the person's suitability and relevance for the position. Furthermore, we will include the candidate's expectations in terms of growth, remuneration and benefits.


  • 7

    Interview Management

    We will then fully coordinate the interview process andmanage the logistical arrangements in full accordance with the convenience and availability of both the candidates and interviewers. Using our advanced facilities, we can also fully accommodate for video and Face-to-face interviews to take place at our offices.


  • 8

    Reference Checking

    When required, we will also conduct reference checks on candidates who reach final-stage interviews. This is done by speaking or meeting with certain stakeholders who are in a position to offer an objective perspective on the candidate's performance and on-the-job behaviors. The results will be communicated to the client either verbally or in writing, as per the client's preference.


  • 9

    Offer Negotiations

    After advising the client and deciding on a suitable Remuneration Package, we will assume full responsibility for presenting the offer to the selected candidates. Our experienced headhunters will manage the entire negotiation process in order to insure acceptance of any offers made by the client.


  • 10


    We will maintain close relationships with the successful incumbents and fully support them during the resignation process. Furthermore, we will remain in regular contact with the newly hired person to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition.


Assignment Levels

Board level

At ND & Associates we constantly aim to ensure a well-balanced board of directors whilst fully-adhering to on-going reformations and changes in corporate governance. The search for Board Members differs drastically from any other search. Fortunately, most of our Headhunters at ND & Associates boast sufficient experience and successful track records in board-level placements.

Our process entails a close examination of our clients’ existing board members in order to gain an understanding of the culture, politics, skills, strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter we will accordingly define and impellent an effective Search Strategy. Our candidates are carefully chosen not only in-line with the requirements of the role, rather in full accordance with the overall objectives and future plans of the organization.

ND &Associates are not only mandated to fill gaps in existing Board setups, we also assist start-up organizations in setting up a suitable Boards of Directors’ that are strategically in line with our client’s core business and fully compliant with governance, rules and regulations.


ND &Associates boasts a wealth of know-how and experience in Recruiting C-Suite Executives across the Middle East and North Africa. Typically, we cover a broad range of positions including CEO, CFO, COO, CCO, CBDO, CMO, CTO and CHRAO, predominantly across SMEs and Large Organizations across the Middle East and North Africa.

Our approach to these assignments is discrete, confidential, non-subjective and handled by industry experts, which is why we hold such an impressive track record in the placement of C-Suite talent into our clients’ organizations.

All of us at ND & Associates understand the importance of hiring the right executives, as well as the detrimental consequences of choosing the wrong ones! This is why we strive for Executive Search Excellence; by adopting a wholesome and fully-integrated approach, covering variables from every-possible standpoint when it comes to finding the right C-Suite Executives.


Being at the heart of an organization and the predominant links between the C-Suite and Lower level employees, we fully appreciate the importance of this caliber of professionals and strive for utter excellence in our search efforts when recruiting for these positions. We have vast experience in finding Managers, Senior Managers and Directors across a diverse range of functions throughout multiple industry sectors across the MENA region.

Besides gaining a full understanding on the organization from an operational standpoint, we will also take into account a number of factors associated with the role, including team culture, career paths and possible implications the incumbents will be facing.

Success Stories

"Working with ND Associates was a very pleasant experience. They are really prompt in terms of their response towards the open positions and always give their level best to close the mandates within the given time frame.  We have no doubt ND & Associates has a bright future ahead of them if they keep providing similar level of services."

-Managing Director, Middle East’s leading IT Distributor

"We approached ND & Associates to work with us to strengthen the senior management team within our organization.  We selected ND & Associates based on their proven track record of delivering results. We are very pleased with their work as they have attracted excellent candidates that perfectly match our complex and often niche roles within the organization."

-CEO, Global jewelry and watch retailer

"We are extremely pleased to work with ND & Associates. The communication and recruitment methodology were clear and the consultant acted as a ‘superb mediator' between the hiring manager and the candidate. ND & Associates also served as a recruitment advisor to our organization. Hence, the overall experience was great and we would like to work with them again."

-HR Business Partner, Major industrial supplier for the construction industry

"ND & Associates was able to help us find in a short period of time the right candidates for a difficult position to fill which involved industry and specific product knowledge that we had been searching to fill for a longer period of time.   The support and initial proposal pool of candidates was exact match for the position we had open.  Throughout the process, ND& Associates was very proactive to understand not only the skills we required from the candidates, but to understand our business model and our company culture to ensure the proposed candidates would be the right fit for both our organization and the applicant. The overall process from initial request to the onboarding of the employee was very smooth and fast."

-General Manager, Major industrial supplier for the construction industry

"ND & Associates have always provided us the right candidates that match our organization's requirements. ND & Associates' comprehensive database, specific expertise and knowledge of the industry enable them to deliver results in a timely manner. We are continuously working with the team because of their unparalleled headhunting expertise, methodology and professionalism."

-Owner, Middle East’s leading Specialist IT Distributor

"It is always a great experience working with ND & Associates. The Associate was able to identify exactly the type of candidate we were seeking and has sourced the best available profiles for us in a short frame of time. He provided us with impressive service and excellent support"

-HR Director, Largest luxury Retail Company in Qatar

"Professional services offered by ND & Associates with highly qualified and hand-picked candidates."

-Group HR Director, The largest sugar refinery worldwide

"ND Associates supported us very well during all assignments - especially for higher management positions. ND& Associates' team did an impressive and fast job in pre-selecting the right candidates in terms of qualification and experience, but also in terms of soft skills and personality, in line with our corporate culture. The chosen candidates were all fitting very well into our team and quickly become essential elements of our success"

-Chief Financial Officer, Major Toy manufacturer and distributor

"ND and Associates have been excelling in advising and proactively arranging the process from start to finish. They are closely monitoring each of the applications and provide timely feedback"

-Group HR Operations Manager, Multinational Insurance Company

"ND & Associates is very professional Headhunter which provides best class headhunting services"

-MENASales Director,International technology solution provider

"Overall the services of ND & Associates are excellent"

-Group HR Director Middle East, Italian luxury fashion house

"ND & Associates not only met but exceeded our expectation with regards to quality of the candidates presented"

-Commercial Director, MENA IT Products distributor

"ND & Associates manage to headhunted and attracted superb candidates that perfectly match our complex and often niche roles"

-Head of Talent & Acquisitions, Leading Middle-Eastern Bank

"I am impressed by the quality of services offered by ND & Associates, the reliability of the candidates, the warm approach and good command of communication of the consultant was amazing. Definitely ND & Associate will be at the top of my mind with regards to our company recruitment requirements"

-CEO, Leading lighting contractor

Of all 9 employees that ND & Associates have carefully selected for us are still with us, doing a great job. It has been the fastest recruitment process I have ever experience in more than 15 years in the business and this could have not be possible without the Associate who has exceeded all expectation. As you may know I have now recommended ND Associates to 3 other companies based in Dubai and without doubt, will be calling your services again

-General Manager, Largest luxury Retail Company in Qatar