Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a unique service offered by ND & Associates in which our Headhunters will assume responsibility for our client's in-house recruitment function. This is done by managing the entire recruitment/hiring process, from job profiling all the way through to hiring the selected incumbents. This service is particularly popular and favored by our clients in cases where there is a large volume of requirements.

Adopting this process will substantially increase our client’s time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics and reduce costs.  Apart from the obvious advantages of enhanced ROI, a partnership with ND & Associates will ensure leadership continuity.

Our RPO Service comprises of the following processes:

  • 1


    After both parties agree that an RPO service will best-suit our client's needs, a contractual agreement will be put in place, stipulating the applicable terms, conditions and time-frame to complete the assignment.


  • 2

    Deciding on the team

    In accordance with the nature of our client's business as well as the requisitions at stake, we will dedicate a subject matter expert or team to come on site, with the full consent of our client.


  • 3


    The assigned headhunter/team will join the client's HR team and gain a full understanding of the company's operational processes, culture, working environment and Talent requirements.


  • 4

    Pre Recruitment

    Through a series of investigative meetings and discussions with the relevant line managers and team members within the organization, we will then draft or alert the Job Descriptions, Person Specification and Assessment Criteria.


  • 5

    On-site Recruitment

    Our headhunter will start sourcing, long-listing, approaching and interviewing potential candidates across the market for each of our client's requisitions with the full help of the HR team, as well as ND &Associates' centralized research team. All shortlisted candidates will be referred by our Headhunter to the relevant Line Manager.


  • 6

    Offer Management

    All offers made to the successful incumbents will be managed and negotiated with the candidates by our Headhunter, in order to ensure acceptance and minimize the risk of possible rejections.


Success Stories

"Working with ND Associates was a very pleasant experience. They are really prompt in terms of their response towards the open positions and always give their level best to close the mandates within the given time frame.  We have no doubt ND & Associates has a bright future ahead of them if they keep providing similar level of services."

-Managing Director, Middle East’s leading IT Distributor

"We approached ND & Associates to work with us to strengthen the senior management team within our organization.  We selected ND & Associates based on their proven track record of delivering results. We are very pleased with their work as they have attracted excellent candidates that perfectly match our complex and often niche roles within the organization."

-CEO, Global jewelry and watch retailer

"We are extremely pleased to work with ND & Associates. The communication and recruitment methodology were clear and the consultant acted as a ‘superb mediator' between the hiring manager and the candidate. ND & Associates also served as a recruitment advisor to our organization. Hence, the overall experience was great and we would like to work with them again."

-HR Business Partner, Major industrial supplier for the construction industry

"ND & Associates was able to help us find in a short period of time the right candidates for a difficult position to fill which involved industry and specific product knowledge that we had been searching to fill for a longer period of time.   The support and initial proposal pool of candidates was exact match for the position we had open.  Throughout the process, ND& Associates was very proactive to understand not only the skills we required from the candidates, but to understand our business model and our company culture to ensure the proposed candidates would be the right fit for both our organization and the applicant. The overall process from initial request to the onboarding of the employee was very smooth and fast."

-General Manager, Major industrial supplier for the construction industry

"ND & Associates have always provided us the right candidates that match our organization's requirements. ND & Associates' comprehensive database, specific expertise and knowledge of the industry enable them to deliver results in a timely manner. We are continuously working with the team because of their unparalleled headhunting expertise, methodology and professionalism."

-Owner, Middle East’s leading Specialist IT Distributor

"It is always a great experience working with ND & Associates. The Associate was able to identify exactly the type of candidate we were seeking and has sourced the best available profiles for us in a short frame of time. He provided us with impressive service and excellent support"

-HR Director, Largest luxury Retail Company in Qatar

"Professional services offered by ND & Associates with highly qualified and hand-picked candidates."

-Group HR Director, The largest sugar refinery worldwide

"ND Associates supported us very well during all assignments - especially for higher management positions. ND& Associates' team did an impressive and fast job in pre-selecting the right candidates in terms of qualification and experience, but also in terms of soft skills and personality, in line with our corporate culture. The chosen candidates were all fitting very well into our team and quickly become essential elements of our success"

-Chief Financial Officer, Major Toy manufacturer and distributor

"ND and Associates have been excelling in advising and proactively arranging the process from start to finish. They are closely monitoring each of the applications and provide timely feedback"

-Group HR Operations Manager, Multinational Insurance Company

"ND & Associates is very professional Headhunter which provides best class headhunting services"

-MENASales Director,International technology solution provider

"Overall the services of ND & Associates are excellent"

-Group HR Director Middle East, Italian luxury fashion house

"ND & Associates not only met but exceeded our expectation with regards to quality of the candidates presented"

-Commercial Director, MENA IT Products distributor

"ND & Associates manage to headhunted and attracted superb candidates that perfectly match our complex and often niche roles"

-Head of Talent & Acquisitions, Leading Middle-Eastern Bank

"I am impressed by the quality of services offered by ND & Associates, the reliability of the candidates, the warm approach and good command of communication of the consultant was amazing. Definitely ND & Associate will be at the top of my mind with regards to our company recruitment requirements"

-CEO, Leading lighting contractor

Of all 9 employees that ND & Associates have carefully selected for us are still with us, doing a great job. It has been the fastest recruitment process I have ever experience in more than 15 years in the business and this could have not be possible without the Associate who has exceeded all expectation. As you may know I have now recommended ND Associates to 3 other companies based in Dubai and without doubt, will be calling your services again

-General Manager, Largest luxury Retail Company in Qatar